How to Fix no Sound on YouTube Google Chrome

YouTube is one of the biggest American video-sharing platforms headquartered in California. YouTube was launched on 14 February, 2005. YouTube is one of the largest sites to watch online any video, listen to music and watch any web series. 

However, many people prefer using Google Chrome as their primary Internet browser. It is a browser choice for millions of users worldwide. Despite its popularity there are chances that some might face errors using Chrome. These issues can be as simple as no sound on YouTube

To fix this issue we will provide you some easy steps that you can take into consideration. If you follow these issues mindfully you can resolve your issues and use the application without any errors and enjoy its benefits.

Following are the steps that you follow :

  1. If you have no sound in Chrome, you can check the volume mixer and make sure that the chrome is not muted
  2. Make sure that you have not muted the video
  3. You can update your sound driver
  4. You can use volume mixer to check your volume system
  5. Restart chrome and play some audio or video to check if the problem has been resolved
  6. Clearing your browser cookies and cache
  7. Ensuring webpage is not muted
  8. Disabling irrelevant extensions


Therefore, these were some steps that you can use and check what issues were causing the problem. So, following them you can resolve all your issues easily.

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