How to Restore Yahoo Contacts



Yahoo is regarded as one of the prime services which is operational since ages . It’s a name each one of us trust . Apart from that yahoo provides various service and because of the prime service everyone wish to join yahoo . The features such as yahoo contact list wherein the yahoo contacts are managed in one place. All contacts are sorted alphabetically .

Now let suppose because of some glitch yahoo mail contact list is not showing . Irrespective of any reason you have to restore yahoo contacts . Read the steps below so as to make it easy for yourself .

Here is how to restore deleted contacts :

1.Visit the yahoo homepage .

2. Hit on the “contacts” icon.

3.Select “deleted contacts”.

4.Now choose the contacts you wish to restore and hit on the restore  button.

Now this is process might not suit each one of us , so in that case there is another alternative stick to it otherwise. It says as:

1.Open yahoo sign in portal.

2.Login to the same 

3.On the left-hand side hit on the “contacts” option.

4.Hit on the “actions” tab.

5.Select “restore backup” similarly.

6.Choose the date you would want to restore to restore the contact on .

7.Hit on “restore”. 

By the end of this step you will be able to get back to all the contacts you have missed out so far . Give this blog a good read , feel free to connect with us anytime.

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